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Designer: Luke Kelly

Category: Lighting

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: Meet Baselamp – an effortless way to turn almost anything into a lamp. Whether it’s your favorite bottle of whiskey, a glass incense burner, a vintage notebook, a flower-filled vase, a particularly imposing action figure, or even your amazing quadcopter (while you wait for the batteries to charge) – the uses for Baselamp are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

Visit This Concept At Baselamp

Adaptive Saber Parts

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Overview: Adaptive Saber Parts are an easy to use modular system that lets anyone construct their very own movie quality custom saber. We have lowered the barrier to entry, now you don’t need expensive machinery, soldering equipment, or years of prop building experience to make your very own custom saber, all you need is your imagination, and Adaptive Saber Parts.

Back this project at Adaptive Saber Parts

Designer: Phillip Isherwood

2Duo Concept Camera

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Overview: The 2Duo concept camera features Dual Lens and Dual LCDs so that you can get maximum perfection out of your photography. Self-portraits or 3-D kinda pics, this camera helps you do all sorts of things to make you trigger-happy. The 2-way hinge structure rotates at 90-degree angle and 360-degree angle, allowing you to take some awesome photos with unbelievable angle-shots! Given the number of apps and tricks that I am using to perfect ordinary shots, this kinda camera just fires my imagination and creativity.

2Duo Concept Camera is a 2011 Sparks Award Entry.

Designer: Ahlim Son