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___Shift – Image Frame

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Designer: Andie Kimura

Categories: Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: ___Shift simply stores and frames your collections, memories and inspirations bringing appreciation to analog media. Continue reading →



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Designer: Gabriele Mauri

Categories: Seating Product Design | Outdoor

Year: Present-2020

Overview: They are a series of “sittings” created to promote Monza’s (not only) beauties by the application of images on them. Continue reading →

GoPro Voyager

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Designer: Bryan Wong

Categories: Cameras Gadgets Outdoor

Year: Present-2020

Overview: A new GoPro that focuses on image quality, and not dependent on the case for any waterproof operations. Continue reading →


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Overview:  The first durable and simple to use pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations, made even better!

A pinhole camera uses a tiny hole to project an image onto photographic material. Because of that small hole, the images created with this type of camera can not be replicated with any lens based camera.

We are taking pictures more than ever, up to the point that we don’t take notice anymore. With pinhole photography you learn to take it slow, people cue up to get their shot taken with a pinhole camera, and you are left with more than just an image, you relive the memory. These are the feelings that are driving me to make pinhole pictures and ONDU makes it easy for everybody to do so.

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Designer: ONDU


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Overview: An EMPATHY Shoe is THE most individualisable shoe possible. Using LASERS and TATTOOS, we can carve ANY IMAGE YOU LIKE into the sole, or onto the leather, of a beautifully-Bauhaus-inspired, minimalistic shoe.

Seriously, any image… your dog’s face, your lover’s favourite motto, Vladimir Putin riding a dolphin, a Carl Sagan quote… anything.

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Designer: David Bonney