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RITHMS – 3D Printed Jewelry

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Designer: David Allin Reese & Ringling College

Categories: Accessories & FashionProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Born from the idea of generative life, RITHMS was created as an exploration into the realm of algorithm-based replication. Continue reading →



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Designer: Pierre Gimbergues

Categories: Furniture | Seating

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: The ONYX sofa is a 3-metre long seat made of carbon fiber and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It is the first in a line of made to measure furniture.

Separated by means of a sharp straight cut, Volvic stone has spent thousands of years filtering the water for its aquifer, before being hand carved and married to hi-tech carbon fibre with its very structured and technical texture;  its shapes precisely adjusted to the volcanic stone.

The ONYX sofa is the illustration of a series of unique pieces of furniture, made to measure, to suit the choice, origin and personality of the customer, but which always respects a common idea : the union, via a pronounced clear cut, between hyper-technological materials – carbon fibre, glass fibre, aluminium,…- and raw and natural materials – rock, wood, stone.


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Designer: o4i

Categories: Lighting | Product Design

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: StretchLite is a pendant lamp based on the idea of fashion; The changeable stretchfabric-reflector of the lamp is intended to be varied as “clothing”.

The inside of the fabric is white, reflective stretch fabric for best functional appearence while the outside can be varied in color and pattern to match the environment.

The transparent cylinder with top that holds the fabric is made of blow molded PET.

V E R D Ú U – New And Outstanding Perfumes

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Overview: A fragrance is created on the basis of the creative concept of the designer in collaboration with the perfumer. Here, the designer specifies his own special idea according to his current inspiration for the current collection. The perfumer takes this impulse and interprets it in a very individual way. The perfumer then develops the fragrance creation.

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Designer: Verdúu GmbH

Uvoir™ – Beautiful & Ultra-Functional Leather Accessories

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Overview: Uvoir™ was born with the idea to unite functionality with design, creating fashion accessories that allow you to be more efficient and organized without giving up on style.

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Designer: Joana Lopes