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KenRick Golf Belt

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Designer: KenRick Golf Company

Categories: Accessories & FashionProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: KenRick Golf Belt was designed to solve the problem where golfers do not have their divot repair tools handy when on the green. Continue reading →



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Designer: René Walk

Categories: DiningProduct Design

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: Nanopack is a new way to pack your food and leftovers in handy, cube shaped packages. It consists of googols of tiny nanorobots which have the ability to Continue reading →

MOW | The world’s first inductive wireless charging lamp

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Overview: Fun and simple, MOW is perfect to light up all your activities! It is intuitive by design. Really handy, there is no buttons, just tip over to switch on! With simple gesture, it is possible to change the power of the light, the colour or the effect. MOW is for everyone!

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Designer: Emilie DELTORT

SPLIT Camera

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Overview: You need not be at all places at one time, trying to capture the best angle for a photo op. SPLIT is the camera that you require, its handy, resourceful and makes sure you don’t miss any precious moments. Featuring a tripod and projection capabilities, this is the future of camera!

Designer: Fiona Lesecq