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Monte & Coe

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Designer: Monte & Coe

Category: Bags

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: Craftsmanship and design are the primary focus. Each piece is hand-made in Toronto, in limited batch sizes, to ensure that it represents an unparalleled dedication to originality and versatility. Monte & Coe’s expert craftsmen use techniques that are centuries old and rarely seen in modern manufacturing, to ensure that each piece will stand the test of time. They believe each piece should reflect your unique sense of style.

Their designs contrast the character of genuine, vegetable tanned leather with the softer feel of wool felt and cotton canvas. The raw materials are sourced from the best tanneries and mills from around the world.

Embrace a new perspective on traditional apparel Monte & Coe

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Strathberry – Luxury Bags & Accessories

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Overview: Strathberry is an independent luxury brand and design house based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Strathberry produce in small, handmade batches. The most experienced designer cut his cloth at Louis Vuitton Group and they have an unwavering approach to quality, and match their designs with some of the finest materials and craftsmanship in Europe.

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Designer: Strathberry of Scotland

MARIN ET MARINE – Handcrafted Sea Bags from Berlin

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Overview: A classic and timeless pieces made out of the finest materials. MARIN ET MARINE ´s first collection consists of maritime seabags in various sizes and colors. With the combination of simple design and high quality, you’ll get a handmade and unique bag, that was made locally with traditional craftsmanship.

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