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GLOW – Interactive Smart Cubes

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Designer: Yume Cloud Inc.

Categories: MusicGadgetsProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: “GLOW” is an interactive smart cubes that use advanced sensors to detect sound, physical motion, relative position, and contact points between cubes. Continue reading →


Glow Headphones

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Designer: Jake (Jongha) Lee, Rich Park & Soohun Jung

Categories: GadgetsProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Glow is the world’s first smart laser headphones. Going further than simply listening to your music, it allows you to visually enjoy the sound and brilliantly express Continue reading →

SIGNEL – Electroluminescent Signaling Glove

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Overview: The ‘SIGNEL’ (Electroluminescent Signaling Glove for Urban Cycling) integrates an electroluminescent signaling area that follows the physiognomy of the hand. In lay terms it simply means that the gloves glow in the dark and provide illumination so that you can easily indicate your turns, even in pitch darkness.


  • A textile switch placed on the forefinger sends an electrical signal to the electroluminescent driver to activate a flashing turn signal.
  • It clearly communicates a left and right turn signal in the context of roadway traffic.

The SIGNEL is a Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner from 2014.

Designer: Sandra Chavarro

Mool Bit – Portable Lamp

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Overview: Mool Bit is the playful go-anywhere glow pod for your home! The lightweight teardrop design features a tactile top that makes it easy to carry from from place to place with merely a pinch. Power up without a connecting cable by placing it on the wireless charging plate before toting it to an area that needs a little more illumination.

Designer: Yeontaek Lee

Lacoste Laser Cruiser

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Overview: Designed for bicyclists and joggers, Adam Nagy’s Lacoste Laser Cruiser shoe features electroluminescent fabric that not only gives the shoe head-turning style, but an added layer of defense and safety. Much brighter and longer lasting than glow-in-the-dark plastic, the EL fabric can be activated and deactivated by the wearer so they are glowing only when they want to be seen. Simply hold the heels together for a few seconds and BAM- Tron lighting at your feet!

Designer: Ádám Nagy