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Designers: Luca Toscano, Andrea Pelino & Sara Monacchi

Categories: Green Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Customize the abitative space in a playful and friendly way through out the esthetic implementation of a basic necessity. Continue reading →



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Designer: Lexi&Bö

Category: Clothing

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Lexi&Bö Scuba Diving Streetwear. Eco. Fair. Friendly. For folks with taste & a sense for good deeds!  Continue reading Onyx Supertrike→

BOD – The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee System

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Overview: The BOD™ is the first compact, modular and completely portable cold brew coffee system. Its spill-proof, shatter-proof design allows you to brew anytime anywhere, and simplifies the cold brew process.

The BOD™ makes healthy coffee naturally and transforms ordinary coffee grounds into a super-concentrated coffee extract that’s heart, stomach and smile friendly. Use the coffee extract to make healthy hot or iced coffee in seconds.

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Designer: BodyBrew

Quadrofoil – Hydrofoil Watercraft

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Overview: It’s called the Quadrofoil and it’s like something straight out of a James Bond film. The world’s first fully electric and environmentally friendly hydrofoiling personal watercraft, it feels like you’re flying on the water and provides an entirely new and thrilling experience. Fully chargeable in just 2 hours, it has a top speed of 24 knots and range of up to 54 nautical miles. No waves, emissions, or loud engine, it’s perfectly suited for lakes, rivers, seas and protected marine areas.

Designer: Quadrofoil