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Overview: This is one of the most interesting building concepts I’ve seen in a while. The Kinetower’s exterior window elements respond to sunlight or user control much in the same way a flower blooms in the morning, transforming it’s hard facade into a softer and almost unrecognizable version of it’s former self. The metamorphosis is made possible by the use of material that is rigid when taut but flexible enough to bend. This is dynamic design at it’s best.

Designer: Kinetura

Giuseppe – F1 Car

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Overview: This bizarre (and awesome!) concept car might look outlandish with its exaggerated proportions, odd stance, and overall indulgent aesthetic… but then again, I just described every other Mercedes too! But the Mercedes Giuseppe is dfferent- it’s an F1 racing machine that, over-the-top as it looks, was designed in every detail to minimize air resistance. With independent winged front arms that adjust width and a flexible body that changes with the track, this thing wants to do one thing… WIN.

Designer: Jaemin Park

Viper Fitness Roller

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Overview: Don’t be easily deceived by the Viper’s rugged exterior. The roller is made from high-grade German foam, and it houses a precise vibrator that you can set to 3 different frequencies. The roller can be then used during your exercise routine to work on your muscles, posture, and flexibility. The Viper is touted by some eminent athletes as the possibly the most effective fitness roller out there. Expect to give your pet cat a run for its money when it comes to being lean and flexible!

Designer: HyperIce

Bike Trailer

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Overview: Alejandra Castelao’s Bike Trailer concept is the ultimate accessory for overnight cycling adventures. Designed for destination camping, the dual-wheeled trailer is adaptable to any bicycle to carry cargo. Better yet, it features an integrated shelter that’s easily deployed upon arrival. Additional user comforts include a bug-proof mesh, flexible sleeping pad and power for devices and built-in LEDs harnessed via solar panels as well as recovered energy through the trailer’s wheels.

Designer: Alejandra Castelao

Samsung YOUM Smartwatch

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Overview: The Samsung YOUM Smartwatch concept features a flexible AMOLED screen and looks very sexy. Hosting the latest software features like Google Now, which is always listening for the ‘Ok Google’ command, is quite an added bonus. The interface seems to display Google Glass like information cards with important notifications visible readily on the home screen of the device.

Designer: Ian Nott