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Pad & Pencil Case

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Designer: Shawn Saunders

Category: Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: By tethering the iPad Pro and the Apple Pen without the use of clasps and straps the team was able to create a case that not only helps keep your merch in pristine condition, but Continue reading →


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Designer: Flavio & Benedetto

Categories: Cellphones Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020 

Overview: The innovative material has the suction effect on flat and glassy surfaces, but isn’t sticky at all to hands or pockets, and doesn’t attract dust.  Continue reading →

EIKON – Touch Water Control

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Overview: The EIKON Touch Water Control system represents the last frontier in tech & aesthetic progress in the shower & bath industry. Among the new: a series of flat shower panels, stainless steel heads in a multitude of shapes/sizes, shower columns for indoor/outdoor use, & an RGB ceiling fixture with rain, waterfall, mist and kneipp modes. Visually minimalistic & functionally futuristic, this ultramodern collection merges seamlessly with contemporary interior styles but really shines against a contrasting backdrop of natural materials like raw stone or wood.

Designer: Bossini