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The Lopez – Paper Light Shoe

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Overview: No canvas… no leather… just paper! The winner of a design contest sponsored by Teach for America and the U.T. LAB, the Lopez shoe by Christian Lopez features graffiti-inspired graphics on the brand’s Light Wing Franklin LT, Franklin HT, and Trainer models. The super-lightweight shoes are made from paper-like Tyvek, a material often found in mailers and house wrap. Combined with a poliyou insole and EVA foam rubber outsole, it’s durable waterproof, washable and impossibly light at just 1 pound per pair!

Designer: Christian Lopez for The UT.LAB


Windows 10 Fitness Smartwatch

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Overview: I love that designer Jonas Dähnert is not focusing on Apple but giving a chance to Windows and others. Take a look at his version of the Windows 10 Fitness Smartwatch Concept. Interestingly it has a display that is featured on the strap.

Designer: Phone Designer [ Jonas Dähnert ]