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Denims Originals

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Designer: Denims Originals

Category: Shoes

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Denims are produced in Portugal by skilled craftsmen, trained in the craft of tradition. Italian denim fabrics, handmade in Portugal. Continue reading →

Diagonal Play

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Designer: o4i

Categories: Interior Seating

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Diagonal Play is an extension of the original Diagonal concept.

Diagonal Play consists of four bench elements that can be placed as desired. These bench elements are ideal for corridors, and other areas where a limited amount of space is available. Each element consists of two separate parts, which can be upholstered in different fabrics. Also one of the parts can be ordered slightly higher than the others enabling short term laptop work.

Instant Cleaning Glove

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Overview: It’s the law of attraction: you’re having a trashy morning and just when you’re heading out the door with a cuppa java on the go… you spill it on your shirt. The only difference this time around is that instead of fretting, you slide on the Electrolux Instant Cleaning Glove and wipe out all traces of that offending coffee stain in a jiffy. The neoprene glove disintegrates any stain or dirt from fabrics using the combination of nanotechnology and ultrasound.


  • The glove works just with hand gestures.
  • To power it up, you need to close your hand (wearing the glove) and on the LCD screen appears “Please wait to start”.
  • Wireless charging pad to sync and charge.
  • The LCD is a flexible AMOLED screen.
  • The glove’s sponges are biodegradable and need to be replaced when worn out.
  • Can be worn on either hand.

Designer: Stefan Bogdan