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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment

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Overview: The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment makes your music look as good as it sounds! It consists of two distinct parts: a base serving as an engine for access to digital libraries and a double-sided detachable interface. One side of the detached piece is a precise aluminum interface with delicate touchscreen where users can browse online catalogues, their favorite playlists and share their collection. The other uses intelligent Pattern Play for one-touch access to the sound experience that compliments their daily rhythm.

Tap the center of the wheel and music will begin playing…. drag your finger around the indentation and the volume will adjust.

Designers: André Poulheim, Johannes Neusel, Thorsten Frackenpohl

4D Chair – Multimedia Chair

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Overview: Close your mouth and stop salivating … I know you’re drooling for this super awesome 4D Chair. It promises to make movies more realistic and the sounds more surreal. With all the comforts of how a tech-lover would like to experience movies (or sports on the telly), this chair is every man’s wet dream come true!

Designer: Ji Hoon Kwak

Easy Turn – Bicycle Turn Signal

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Overview: As the number of bicycle riders in urban areas increases, so does the need for additional levels of safety as roadways and bike lanes both experience congestion. The Easy Turn system adapts to any bicycle frame to provide rear turn signals with enhanced visibility that tell other riders and car drivers where you’re going. The two-part system includes the turn signal attachment as well as a wireless signal changer for installation on the handle bars where it’s easily controlled with the thumb.

Designer: Naomi Lin