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Designer: Melissa Lattke

Categories: Home Green Interior Health Product DesignTechnology

Year: 2041-2050

Overview: Erb is a purifying system used in the floor of the houses acting like a “piece of garden” inside the house. Continue reading →

Viper Fitness Roller

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Overview: Don’t be easily deceived by the Viper’s rugged exterior. The roller is made from high-grade German foam, and it houses a precise vibrator that you can set to 3 different frequencies. The roller can be then used during your exercise routine to work on your muscles, posture, and flexibility. The Viper is touted by some eminent athletes as the possibly the most effective fitness roller out there. Expect to give your pet cat a run for its money when it comes to being lean and flexible!

Designer: HyperIce

Tera Fitness Mat

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Overview: The Tera is a fitness mat that brings home a compelling experience in inspiring a healthy lifestyle. As an elegant carpet it blends into the home environment and as a fitness tool, it transforms into a high-tech yoga mat. Featuring an intelligent surface, the carpet recognizes movement patterns and transforms seamlessly into an exercise mat and works in sync with the training app.

Designers: Roman Gebhard, Matthis Hamann, Christian Moser, Claudia Weedermann, Florian Wuebert and Yoo Haneul for Lunar Europe