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WORKOUT – New Adidas Headquarter in Germany

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Overview: I thought my office was cool until I saw the exterior of Adidas’ new corporate headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The part that really stung though, was seeing the interior… thanks to the design teams at KINZO and Kadawittfeldarchitektur, I now officially hate my office!! The new working environment features a custom, sporty, and functional furniture system they like to call “WORKOUT” … a perfect name considering the design is purely Adidas in both form and function. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

Designers: KINZO & Kadawittfeldarchitektur

Fold bicycle

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Overview: Simply called the “Fold Bike,” this origami-inspired folding cycle provides ultra-portability in the urban environment without sacrificing style. The dapper design’s paramount feature, however, is a folding wheel that saves additional space. It’s been designed with a simple yet robust spring locking mechanism that engages the wheel in a fixed and sturdy position in motion. With a simple release of the lock, the wheel folds into just a quarter of its size.

Designers: Tim Gerlach & Eason Chow Wai Tung

The Bone – Prefab Building

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Overview: The Bone is a conceptual building that delves into the advantages of large detached houses, high-rise buildings, and prefabricated houses. In short, it takes in the essentials of all the three types of living quarters and brings forth the best. This prefab building hosts large outdoor spaces including gardens and swimming pools.

  • Unlike ordinary apartment buildings, each home is detached from its neighbor so the residents don’t have to endure each other’s noise or invasions of privacy. Residents can decide the layout, the number of storey, and the size of their homes.
  • The structural elements (including the mega columns) are prefabricated and most of them are made of steel.
  • The entire building can be assembled and disassembled easily without harming its environment.

Designer: Paik Kunil

Aerio – Pollution Sensor for iPhone

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Overview: Aerio is a nifty gadget that aims to provide users with information about their environment’s air pollution. Paired with the user’s smartphone, the device transmits data to a central network with other devices also giving real-time air quality updates. More than just a sensor, it also brings awareness to the user’s own individual carbon footprint in hopes of encouraging eco-conscious behavior throughout the day.

Designer: Nikolas Ethore

Australian High Speed Vehicle

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Overview: This sleek train concept, the latest from international design practice HASSELL, was inspired by the hard styling of the iconic 1960s Australian HK Monaro coupe. The A-HSV double-decker train also offers a modern, spacious interior fit with open commuter seating, private quarters for meetings, luxurious dining, & even a convenience store. Aside from being an aesthetic achievement, the A-HSV also presents an alternative low-carbon, safe mode of transport for travelers between the Australian capital & regional cities.

The real ambition behind designing the A-HSV was its response to Australia’s national debates on environmental, economical & social issues. The train aims to reduce the reliance on air & private vehicles, provide shorter travel times to regional cities under pressure from population growth, & reduce transport related congestion within cities.

Designer: HASSEL