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Clifton Family Home

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Designer: SAOTA studio

Categories: ArchitectureInterior

Year: Present-2020


Overview: The location allows the house to offer magnificent views of the ocean and bay but also exposes it to the winds, not to mention that, being so close to the road, the privacy and noise became important issues for the project.

The architects’ response to the site was to elevate the main level on a plinth. This way, the ground floor which contains the guest bedroom, the gym, study and garage was partially set into the site and concealed by vegetation.

The first and second floors were fragmented and rotated in order to also create an exterior terrace. A glass bridge connects the interior structures. The family room, kitchen, dining area and lounge are all connected to a large terrace and a blue mosaic pool runs the length of this amazing terrace, making the views even more spectacular.

The entertainment room features a beautiful weathered copper bar with natural stone countertops and a custom laser-cut aluminum screen. A fiery and sculptural light fixture is the focal point of this portion of the room.



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Overview: Smartphone capability has excelled in the way of handheld entertainment, but even in an era of bigger screens, their small size is problematic for watching movies or immersive gaming. That’s where the Viewbox comes in. The neoprene headset turns your device into a gigantic screen! Watch 3D movies for a virtual reality experience, fly using Google Earth, ride a roller coaster or enter a 360 degree haunted house! Soft, foldable and portable, it’s easy to take anywhere.

Designer: Evomade

Galaxy SOHO Complex in Beijing

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Overview: The Galaxy SOHO is still in progress and is a structure of five continuous, flowing volumes coalesce that creates an internal space for offices, retail and entertainment. The structure is devoid of any corners and reinvents the classical Chinese courtyards.

Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects