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Scanadu Scout

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Designer: Scanadu

Categories: Gadgets TechnologyMedical

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Scanadu Scout™ is designed to be a medical grade Tricorder® using your smartphone and Bluetooth LE to emulate an Continue reading →


The Angell Unit

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Overview: While highly effective, the vast majority of emergency vehicles like firetrucks and ambulances are so large that they’re limited in the places they can go. For these hard to reach areas, there’s the Angell Unit. Meant to be supplemental to the arsenal of emergency vehicles, it’s loaded with a variety of firefighting and medical tools to provide fast reconnaissance and preliminary support, especially in isolated areas. As an added bonus, it looks badass!

Designer: Marty Laurita

Air Pocket

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Overview: One of the main causes of death during a fire-related emergency is not burns but asphyxiations from gas. The Air Pocket is a device that purifies the air by processing the poisonous air and converting it to safe-to-breathe air. The rescue team simply needs to throw in a bunch of the Air Pocket balls and let them do their job!

Designers: Seam Lee and Young Jo In

Noè – Storm Drain

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Overview: Flooded streets can be catastrophic for travelers and emergency personnel alike, so Noè is a project that explores innovation in urban roadways by introducing a new, more effective storm drain. Implementable to existing drain systems, the design does more than provide drainage for excess water. It also separates large and small debris for better clog prevention and easy removal while an internal rotary mechanism creates a whirling action that draws waste-free water into the pipe system. The result is easier maintenance and more reliable drainage.

Designers: Cesare Tamagno & Simone Di Gioia