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Panta Rei – Light Cube

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Designer: Luis H. Vicencio, Fabrizio Guarrasi & Mattia Antonetti

Categories: LightingProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The metaphor Panta rei (translated from greek: everything flows) refers to the thought of Heraclitus who writes that “everything moves and nothing stands still.” Continue reading →


The Muskoka Lamp

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Designer: Jason Pocklington

Category: Lighting

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The muskoka lamp shows the natural beauty of the red cedar tree. Continue reading →

Sunnyroots – Color-Changing Shoes

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Designer: Sunnyroot Shoes

Category: Shoes

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Sunnyroots shoes are casual high premium shoes designed and handcrafted by traditional artisan shoemakers in Italy. These shoes are probably the most unique shoes you´ve ever owned.  Continue reading →

SIVIL – The Best Workout Shirt Ever Made

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Overview: Using revolutionary CoolCore powered technology, the shirts utilize the moisture from your body to create a prolonged cooling and excelled drying effect never seen before.

The uniquely engineered fabric uses a multiplicity of fibers that create a capillary system, wicking away moisture from the skin, circulating the moisture throughout the entire garment, and regulating the rate of evaporation before releasing the molecules into the atmosphere. The fibers, coupled with a proprietary fabric construction, provide maximum cooling capability beyond what today’s leading competitive fabrics exhibit.

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Designer: Will and Vince Simon

MOW | The world’s first inductive wireless charging lamp

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Overview: Fun and simple, MOW is perfect to light up all your activities! It is intuitive by design. Really handy, there is no buttons, just tip over to switch on! With simple gesture, it is possible to change the power of the light, the colour or the effect. MOW is for everyone!

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Designer: Emilie DELTORT