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Designer: Flavio & Benedetto

Categories: Cellphones Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020 

Overview: The innovative material has the suction effect on flat and glassy surfaces, but isn’t sticky at all to hands or pockets, and doesn’t attract dust.  Continue reading →


Macbook Mate

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Overview: Macbook Mate: Macbook’s missing pieces. A portable & weightless stand + Invisible aluminum dust plugs for USB, HDMI & Thunderbolt ports

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Designer: Baseqi Designs

Bruno Vacuum Trash Can

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Overview: Which is why your dustbin should too. Bruno is a delightfully obvious trash can with an inbuilt vacuum. Forget your inefficient dust pan that takes forever to collect all your dust (and makes you a hunchback in the process). Just collect all your dust near Bruno’s mouth and it’ll lap it all up!

Apart from being a vacuum wonder, Bruno also reminds you to take out the trash and notifies you when it’s running low on garbage bags.

Designers: Poubelle LLC