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Downtown Shoes New York

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Designer: Downtown Shoes New York

Category: Shoes

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: In shoes design & production, if designers look for extraordinary, they need to make everything special because overall harmonious experience means getting a great number of variables flawless. From the logo to the stitches, from the Downtown Signature to the special molded brown outsole and red sole with their unique details and color harmony, Downtown shoes design offers the unique experience that makes a truly beautiful difference.

 Whether you wear corduroy pants, jeans, fabric pants or even sportswear, Downtown shoes offer a wide range of uses day & night. Genuine suede for all the models also adds a great value as the chosen material to the shoes’ versatility and elegance.

Downtown shoes cover your feet smoothly because of its genuine flexible suede surface. Downtown shoes also offer “red comfort soles”, which touches the ground with a sports shoes feeling, yet having a beautiful stylish look.

Design and material are essential for the quality of the shoes, however, great shoes are only complete when there is detailed and precise craftsmanship. One can easily feel the quality of the suede, finishings and stitching with Downtown Shoes. You can literally smell the quality of labor and genuine suede as you hold the Downtown shoes for the first time.

Downtown shoes offer high durability with high quality material, specially molded flexible outsoles, finishings and red stitches that combine durability with design.

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Overview: A time piece that fits right in with minimalist type fashion accessories, while still being unique and different. The watches feature a sleek and simple all natural bamboo or ebony wood case with a genuine leather band. This construction accomplished several things:


Wood is in. It’s different and unique, yet stylish.


With the combination of wood and leather, each watch weighs less than one ounce. The genuine leather band forms to your wrist for a customized fit.


Leather wears well over time. Ebony wood is extremely dense and bamboo is incredibly flexible which creates a durable case that will be long lasting. Wood and leather complement each other nicely and neither one wears the other down.


A wooden watch isn’t something you see every day. In and of itself it’s unique but each wood case has a slightly different pattern, thus every watch is different from the next.

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Designer: Luno Wear


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Overview:  The first durable and simple to use pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations, made even better!

A pinhole camera uses a tiny hole to project an image onto photographic material. Because of that small hole, the images created with this type of camera can not be replicated with any lens based camera.

We are taking pictures more than ever, up to the point that we don’t take notice anymore. With pinhole photography you learn to take it slow, people cue up to get their shot taken with a pinhole camera, and you are left with more than just an image, you relive the memory. These are the feelings that are driving me to make pinhole pictures and ONDU makes it easy for everybody to do so.

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Designer: ONDU