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Tre- Angle

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Designer: Sriviji Nachimuthu & Priyanka Golasangimath

Category: Furniture Seating

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Tre-angle is a furniture that can create a new domestic landscape. A furniture that could serve many functions, colorful, playful and Continue reading →


Egloo – Candle Powered Heater

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Designer: Egloo 

Categories: InteriorProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic environment, offering, as a option, a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological Continue reading →


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Designer: o4i

Category: Interior

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: Oom is the name of the very sculpural show-case unit that can be mounted on the wall as an eye catcher to store your most precious things. Or it can be used with a leg-base and become a free-standing unit to work as both storage and room divider, meant for public as well as domestic environments.