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Voltra – Designer’s Workstation

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Overview: That phrase has less relevancy with the advent of digital design tools, but this creative workstation merges the physical scale of the classic designer’s board with the functionality of a tablet into one unit that classic sketchers and digital designers alike will appreciate. Called Voltra, it hearkens back to a time when pencil and paper were solely available, but instead… it’s a stylus and touch screen!

Designer: Jameel Kamil

ODC Camera

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Overview: Inspired by the simple magnifying glass, the ODC Camera provides both new and seasoned photographers with an easy and intuitive way to record images and details that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. Simply use the circular viewfinder to hone in on your subject in real time and start snapping away. Now you can get down, dirty and close to make macro the digital way!

Designer: Chao Gao

HTC Omni Smartwatch

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Overview: Most smartwatch designs are focused around ultra-minimal, even futuristic styling with either a monocoque band or simplistic rubber strap and square interface… but that look isn’t for everyone! The HTC Omni stands alone as the smartwatch for users who don’t want to sacrifice classic watch style for smart technology. The design features a traditional metal linked band in gold, silver or black and an elongated interface that almost looks like it was simply dropped into an existing formal watch face. It’s digital tech gone dapper!

Designer: Vishal Bhanushali

Wind Bell – Air Cleaner & Aroma Dispenser

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Overview: Wind Chimes are charming and building upon this idea is the Wind Bell. This digitally enhanced air purifier looks pleasing in the home environment and also comes with an aroma-dispensing feature. I love the simple aesthetics combined with the functionality.

Designer: Kim Edo