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Overview: Olga Kalugina’s JIM lamp combines Apple-style minimalism with ultra-thin OLED lighting to achieve a modern, simplistic aesthetic that’s complimentary of your other devices! Lightweight yet rigid, the light source elegantly curves upward from the unibody base, keeping the direction OLED at a convenient and comfortable working angle. The only downside: its profile is so thin you might think it disappeared altogether!

Designer: Olga Kalugina

Orion Stargazing Companion

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Overview: The Orion Stargazing Companion is a very cool device that allows us to discover and recognize constellations in the night sky. Most stargazers manage to recognize Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, however we all know there are many more. Thanks to its transparent screen, precise location technology and easy-to-use key functions, locating constellations accurately is a breeze.

Interestingly, you can even project celestial objects on a room’s ceiling thanks to the mini projector integrated on the backside.

Designer: Audrey Yrieix

AIR – Active Information Respirator

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Overview: As smog masks become a major necessity in China’s large cities, so increases the desire for masks that are both effective and stylish. Simply named Air, this active-information respirator ensures wearers are protected at all times whilst becoming a staple in their modern wardrobe. The device incorporates a particle detection system which allows the user to directly monitor the surrounding air quality using their smartphone. Additionally, the smart app provides real-time data degradation and quality of the filter.

Designer: Alex Morrison

Air Pocket

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Overview: One of the main causes of death during a fire-related emergency is not burns but asphyxiations from gas. The Air Pocket is a device that purifies the air by processing the poisonous air and converting it to safe-to-breathe air. The rescue team simply needs to throw in a bunch of the Air Pocket balls and let them do their job!

Designers: Seam Lee and Young Jo In

Energy Harvesting (EH-T) – Battery Backup

Overview: Energy Harvesting is device that uses temperature differences between objects to source renewable energy via a thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric energy management chips. The good thing about it is that it can be used in any setting to harvest the energy and tank up. It is a practical both in the city and in the wild.

Designers: Chien Ta-Wei, Huang Li-Ren, Chu Fang-Chih, Chu Yuan-Hua, Huang Chao-Jen & Yao Hong-Da – Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)