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Aitu – Custom Bike

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Overview: The Aitu custom bike was designed for those people that desire precision, style and customization.Although this bike was built specifically for a visual affect, its V-Twin 1800cc engine gives it its speed, power and sound. Its two head lights give it that eery affect which helps provide a certain aura around the bike. The lighting system is a two-chip LED array which is located behind the lens.

Designer: Renato Gschwend


Project Aria

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Overview: This concept, by 91 Mobiles, aims to be the end-of-the-line for smartphones… and it really does leave little to be desired. Modular/replaceable hardware for easy and endless upgrading, lifelike holographic video projection, a Lytro full field-depth camera, a vibration transducer speaker system, and super-capacitors with 10x the life of regular batteries. Not to forget, that transparent polymer OLED display with 4k resolution! It all seems to be there… maybe it’s the last jump before body implanted tech!

Designer: 91 Mobiles