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Lámpara Cacique

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Designer: Monica Lara Castro

Categories: Lighting Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Lámpara Cacique is created under a concept that follows the ideal of beauty , represented by a craftsmanship that seeks perfection and Continue reading →


Zhestia Experience Box

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Designer: Zhestia

Categories: Home Music Product DesignRecreation 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Zhestia is an at-home travelling experience. In this intelligently designed box, all the necessary highest quality elements are provided to reproduce the most enlivening rituals Continue reading →

New Amsterdam Plein & Pavillion

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Overview: Located in the heart of Manhattan’s waterfront Battery Park sits the recently completed New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion, a $2.3 million gift from the Kingdom of the Netherlands to New York City in honor of their shared values of innovation, creativity, diversity, & progress. The structure will be a major transportation hub, serving over 150,000 visitors & residents with visitor information & locally grown food at one of Lower Manhattan’s newest & most dynamic cultural gateways.

The state of the art pavilion commemorates 4 centuries of friendship between the Kingdom & the city, serving as a reminder of their enduring past & progressive future.

The Plein & Pavilion project was conceived by the Battery Conservancy to create an extraordinary “outdoor living room” for spontaneous & scheduled activities, public markets, seating & shade. Designed by UNStudio in collaboration with Handel Architects LLP, New York serving as associate architect. The project’s landscape was conceived by Parks Dept. Landscape Designer Gail Wittwer-Laird.

Designer: Architect Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

Wondercube Mobile Accessory

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Overview: It takes a geek to get what I meant by that heading. Nevertheless, the Tesseract and the AllSpark are uber-powerful cubes from the Avengers and the Transformers cultures respectively. Each cube holds enough power to change life on earth. The Wondercube may just be the next cube to promise something as big as that. Designed to be one cubic inch in volume, the Wondercube has everything. Literally! A cable to charge your phone, to transfer files, a card reader (in case you need one), a mobile stand, an emergency power bank, and obviously, a torch. All perfectly arranged into a beautiful tiny cube. The aim of this powerful little thing is to be so small that you don’t notice it, but integral enough to make sure you can’t live without it.

Designer: Mutants DesignLab