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Swack! Sweater Plus Backpack Combination

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Overview: Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and designer Terence Simmons has firsthand experience with it. Forced to be on crutches for a while, he escaped serious injuries due to a fall he took, when his backpack’s strap got entangled in his crutches. The incident left its mark, and with creative juices on a high….he came up with the Swack! Sweater + Backpack! Revolutionary? No…but functional, cool and handy…YES!

Designer: Terence Simmons


&B – Bicycle Laser Light

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Overview: Love this &B laser beam light concept for bikes! It’s an amazing way to make your presence felt on the road and be safe. I find it creative innovation for branding as well; just look at the clever “I’m Loving It” tagline being showcased for the Mc Donald’s delivery bike. It really can’t get better than this!

Designer: Min Keun Kwon

Moonlight LED Lamp

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Overview: I love the creative expressions possible with the MoonLight Lamp. It is essentially an interactive wall LED lamp designed to produce endless possibilities when playing with lights, shadows and creating beautiful atmosphere. The design features three different sizes, each one of them having two sets of diodes. Simply turn the dimmer to increase or dim the front and backlight.

The team explains, “When the light shifts occur, the diffuser, which is installed inside, redirects the light towards the observer with the impression that the light is moving through the object. The dimmer cover is centered and has a distinctive round dent, calling for interaction and also showing the position on this imaginary light scale.”

The Lamp can be used via a Smartphone app and customized according to whim!

Designer: Oblikus