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Xgamer – Handheld Gaming Device

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Overview: The next best thing to headset VR, the Xgamer combines accelerated gaming with a curved screen cinematic experience. Its 10-inch, 1080P, 180 degree screen gives users a greater sense of immersion in the display environment and is made more powerful by a state of the art accelerated video card. Not only visually compelling, its curved shape is naturally ergonomic for the hands with controls placed at the back of the design.

Designer: Beau Reid


Wii Robot Concept

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Overview: Now that everybody and they momma are doing motion controls, what’s Nintendo to do next? Ask designer Florence Boob (yes for serious) and you’ll get the Wii-Robot. OMG Wii-bot! Working under the assumption that everybody and they momma loves robots (true), the Wii-Robot is the little R2-D2 companion you’ve always wanted. It flies and follows you around, inviting you to play games it projects onto any flat surface. The controller is a sphere laced with motion controls. Loves!

Designer: Florence Boob