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Gamepad for Tablet

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Overview: The Gamepad system instantly transforms your iPad or other tablet into a full-force gaming unit with intuitive peripheral controllers similar to PSP or Nintendo 3DS. Each side mounted controller is width-adjustable for use on different devices and can be positioned according to the user’s preference. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or hard wire it for enhanced gameplay on-the-go.

Designer: Johan Godfroid


Playstation 4 Clear

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Overview: Forget all your Playstation 3s. Forget your Playstation 3 thin models with multiple lovely colors, forget even the earlier design by this same designer, Tai Chiem, that PSP 2 concept he whipped up last year, no! Check this thang out. It’s the Playstation 4. Tai Chiem’s Playstation 4 concept: that’s how you know it’s wild. And with clear material and minimalistic aesthetics in play, you’ve got one Tai-tastic amalgamation, to be sure.

BONUS: that other spaceshippy looking thing is his “xbox 720.” Lollers! I’m reminded of the comic on Penny Arcade where they first talk about the xbox controller being harder to hold than a grizzly bear. It’s HUGE!

SO! PS4! What’ve we got here? Bluetooth integration, plastic/glass backs and middles. LCD screen(s) on both the controller and the system itself. The same classic aesthetic bone structure for the controller that PS has always had. The same ability to turn the system on it’s side (I always thought that was a super-simple super-genius feature of the PS series.) And the continuation of the standard “CD” disk size for games.

I’m hoping for the games to come in cube form, allowing you to just scan the cube for a new game. How cool would that be? Totally cool.

Designer: Tai Chiem

Gearboard Gaming Accessory Holder

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Overview: So you’ve got about 500 gaming controllers, all of them all over the place. Am I right? What do you do with them? Do you wrap them up, push em back into the drawer? Tie them up together, wrap em up, tangle em up? Unwrap those thangs! Get em out here! Let’s see em! Because you know what? They were designed to be used, but they were also designed to be beautiful. I’m of the opinion that if you’re one of them “gamers”, you should let that title hang out there, flappin in the wind. Let’s look at this thing here.

This thing here is a Gearboard. Made by Cambre Canada, it’s meant to show off all of your controllers, making them both easily accessible and up there out of the way. If you own a bunny rabbit like me, you know how important it is to keep cords off the ground. The same is true if you own a little human kid or a puppy dog. Or other animals I’m sure.

And your lightsaber fits in there! That is nice!

Designer: Cambre Canada