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V E R D Ú U – New And Outstanding Perfumes

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Overview: A fragrance is created on the basis of the creative concept of the designer in collaboration with the perfumer. Here, the designer specifies his own special idea according to his current inspiration for the current collection. The perfumer takes this impulse and interprets it in a very individual way. The perfumer then develops the fragrance creation.

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Designer: Verdúu GmbH

The Carpenter Collection

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Overview: The Analog Watch Co.’s Carpenter Collection was designed to be as sleek, subtle, and natural. An all out lack of visible branding and optional time marks maintain the beauty of the all-natural wood and leather. Each is expertly crafted using a variety of wood types including maple, teak, bamboo and more. The eco-concious design is also 80% biodegradable, making it as beautiful as it is earth friendly!

Designer: Analog Watch Co.

Lammhults Furniture

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Overview: Celebrating over 30 years at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Lammhults latest collection holds showcases new table concepts as well as seat and chair ranges that easily adapt to any contemporary setting from the meeting room to home den. With a variety of materials and finishes ranging from soft and plush upholstery to raw wood and stainless steel, there’s also a texture and tone for every taste.

Designer: Lammhults

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment

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Overview: The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment makes your music look as good as it sounds! It consists of two distinct parts: a base serving as an engine for access to digital libraries and a double-sided detachable interface. One side of the detached piece is a precise aluminum interface with delicate touchscreen where users can browse online catalogues, their favorite playlists and share their collection. The other uses intelligent Pattern Play for one-touch access to the sound experience that compliments their daily rhythm.

Tap the center of the wheel and music will begin playing…. drag your finger around the indentation and the volume will adjust.

Designers: André Poulheim, Johannes Neusel, Thorsten Frackenpohl

New Century City Art Centre in Chengdu

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Overview: The New Century City Art Centre is slated to become the new cultural destination for the Sichuan Provence. The Centre is foretold to become an unprecedented collection of world-class arts, performances and leisure venues. The NCCAC is also said to become the regional arts and music center. It will house three auditoria, an art museum, an exhibition centre, a learning centre, bars, restaurants and shops.

Designers: Zaha Hadid Architects