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Alter UR Ego – Wheelchair Fashion

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Designer: Heidi McKenzie & Kristin Alexandra Tidwell

Category: Clothing

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Adaptable clothing is hard to find, especially if you want to look fashionable. The adaptable jeans are just the beginning of clothing that has all the fashion and all the function for someone in a wheelchair. Continue reading →



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Overview: Time constantly complain about the lack of, everything is done in our lives always at the last minute. There are already a number of products that allow us to save time. RACO allows us to save outside of time many other things. Ordinary washing machine during the wash cycle uses 75l of water Raco needs her about 70% less, as well as energy. All thanks to the combination of water vapor with ultrasonic waves which, in collaboration with clothing soaked with water wytrancają dirt from fabric virtually without interfering in its structure further in the cur very small amount of detergent which saves clothing and resources of our planet.

Raco, thanks to a small area, we can finally give up the extra laundry at home Raco fits in any even the smallest bathroom.

UI – is the essence of simplicity and inability to make mistakes, we have three tanks in which the resources we put water, detergent, fabric softener. The rest is handled by three touch buttons simply select the program and ready, Raco will do the rest.

Designer: Marcin Lubecki

Read more at: RACo (Electrolux Design Lab)