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Dislopen 62m Yacht

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Overview: The Dislopen range is a new, innovative creation, it stands for “displacement open vessel” and focuses on 46-62m high performance open yachts designed with the comfort and space of large displacement yachts. The line is promised to be very sleek with a trans-Atlantic range.

The Dislopen range focuses on maximised interior and outdoor space, flexibility and functionality, distinguishing the line from other superyachts as “floating palaces”. Gianni Zuccon noted that the Dislopen range is a system that defines “an entirely new landscape” of superyachts. He stressed the importance of architecture and clean lines melded with comfort to ease of use for the owner.

Designer: CRN


TITAN Mixer Bottle

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Overview: No more shaking, clumps, or mess! TITAN Mixer bottle is the world’s first no-shake, easy-to-clean mixer bottle.

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Designer: 5ID

Shake – Dog Potty

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Overview: The award-winning Shake Dog Potty is stylish, easy to clean, and portable. It’s there when you’re not, providing a comfy, familiar spot for your dog to go when you’re on the go. Its unique design enables you to effortlessly seal the unit tight for mess-free cleanup, and it’s so simple to fold that you won’t think twice about taking it on the road or stowing away when you don’t need it. Treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection, it’s also hygienic, stain and odor resistant. Never use wasteful, expensive wee pads again!

Designer: Modko

Smart Tray

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Overview: The Smart Tray offers a lifestyle solution to those who live in cramped apartments and could do with fewer dishes in the kitchen. Aimed at the next-gen who prefers eating in front of the television, this kitchen appliance facilitates a more positive attitude towards housekeeping. The smart materials used in the tray allow it to be transformed into various dishes and are easy to clean at the end of a meal.

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi


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 Overview: LIO is a natural and symbiotic experience which cleans air by using purifying living microorganisms in it’s filter. The living microorganisms consume carbon molecules and thus purify the air in home environments. The concept provides fresh clean air into the interior space, as well as eliminates unpleasant odors and gives information about the air we breathe in it’s stylish glass surface. The living air wall allows the consumer to intuitively control the inside air conditions in different rooms according to different needs.

Designer: Alessya Ivanova

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