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NINA B ROZE | Luxurious – Feminine – Activewear

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Overview: The technical pattern is designed to lift the booty by eliminating side seams and having a circular shape around the body. In a capri or full-length cut, the legging’s backside exterior seams curves from the inner thigh, up and around the booty, forming a perfect heart shape.

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Designer: Nina Berenboym


Echo – Smart Watch

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Overview: Unlike many other smart-watch concepts, the Echo doesn’t stray from the familiar watch form. Instead, it merges the most essential smartphone apps into a simplistic touch-screen circular face. Access your email, calendar, map, fitness and music apps all from the convenience of your wrist!

Designer: Brian Khouw

ODC Camera

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Overview: Inspired by the simple magnifying glass, the ODC Camera provides both new and seasoned photographers with an easy and intuitive way to record images and details that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. Simply use the circular viewfinder to hone in on your subject in real time and start snapping away. Now you can get down, dirty and close to make macro the digital way!

Designer: Chao Gao

Shanghai Fish

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Overview: Situated in the middle of a lake in south-east Shanghai, the SH Fish building serves as the focal point among 5 other proposed structures. The circular shape of the the floor plans was determined in relationship with the waterfront, giving it a 270° lake view inside. Thanks to its unique location at the tip of the peninsula, the design is reminiscent of a lighthouse. In much the same way, it serves as a beacon for anyone visiting this cultural hub.

A wooden podium rises from the ground to form a 5 meter-high viewing point. This way, the promenade and the landscape are combined to integrate nature and architecture. The building’s unique facade treatment creates a cloud-like texture. The vertical fins have variations in orientation, responding to the interior space functions requiring various natural light solutions. At night, LED lights integrated in the vertical fins create a surreal reflection of a colorful cloud on the lake’s surface.

Designer: UA Studio7