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LG Finestra

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Overview: The LG Finestra is a display-charging cradle-Smartphone concept. What we have here is a display with a charging cradle and the ability to sync with the Smartphone so that you can access your social sites at whim. The advantage is that you can manipulate the display to showcase pictures as a window display and enjoy different sceneries. The phone beams out a virtual keyboard for easy navigation.

Designer: Kairi Eguchi Design


Trio Charging Station

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Overview: The Trio charging station is a great way to start the accessory trend for the first ever Apple Watch! Between your phone, watch, & other devices, your charging situation probably needs a clean up… so Trio is here to help. Rather than set your precious on a surface where it could be scratched, it has an alternative inductive charging stand that keeps your device safely elevated. It also contains 2 additional USB charging ports for your phone, iPad, or computer. Perfect for the bedside stand, it also has an integrated OLED light for seeing in the dark.

Designer: Oliver Sha