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Zero – Carbon Fiber Card Wallet

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Designer: Rival Collective

Category: Accessories & Fashion

Year: Present-2020

Overview: With Carbon Fiber and Simplicity at the top of team’s mind, this card wallet offers both modern style and elegant Continue reading →


121C Boards

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Designer: 121C Boards

Categories: Games Outdoor Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: With 121c, your new board will be crafted with the highest quality carbon fiber collected from the production lines that build Continue reading →

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

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Designer: David King, Marek Reichman, Miles Nurnberger & Multimatic Inc

Category: Automotive

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Measuring almost four and a half metres nose to tail, and more than two metres wide (including mirrors), the CC100 Speedster Concept’s body is crafted from carbon fiber. Continue reading →


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Designer: Neil Simpson

Categories: Transportation | Product Design

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: The taut lines and slender profile of the carbon fiber monocoque frame optimize penetration of the air. Also constructed in carbon fiber the wheels, with 80mm deep rims, add to the efficiency of the overall package.

Everything is fully integrated, including all the cables, the brakes and the battery which powers the fully electric gear shifting.

Intelligent design solutions mean that the cyclist can easy find the most efficient riding position, while the gear and brake controls both fall easily to hand. The oval chain rings further enhance the rider’s power transmission.

Cloaked in matt black and highlighted with a rich copper, the bike is a symbol of power and elegance, ready for the battle against the air and time.

Ford Hot Rod

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Designer: Pawel Wisniewski and Jans Shlapins

Category: Automotive

Year: 2031- 2040

Overview: The concept is pretty far out there. It looks like it was designed for combat rather than cruising the strip. Tiny little windows provide the driver with a slit-like view of the world, while the massive swathes of carbon fiber panels look more like protective armour plating than bodywork.

The wheels are, quite frankly, enormous. The rears must be at least 30-inches in diameter, and like the rest of the car they make extensive use of carbon fiber. The braking system of the Ford Hot Rod concept is particularly unusual. They appear to feature calipers mounted inside the discs, which are themselves mounted on hubless wheels. Not quite sure how it would all work in reality. But then that’s not something anyone needs to worry about in a hurry.