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Ellum Solar – Light Different

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Designer: Feltmark

Categories: Lighting Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The new Ellum Solar is an intuitive smart light, embedded with sensors that illuminate the dark when motion is detected. Continue reading →


O2Tech Smart Lantern

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Designer: O2Tech

Categories: LightingOutdoor | Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: O2Tech has combined the latest smart technology and cutting edge design to create a beautiful, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Continue reading →

ORA-X – Headphone With AR Display

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Designer: Optinvent

Categories: Audio Gadgets Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The ORA-X pushes the technology envelope and creates a brand new mobile experience. It seamlessly blends mobile audio with a visual experience. Continue reading →


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Designer: Power Practical

Categories: Lighting Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Luminoodle™ is a 5-foot strand of ultra-bright, waterproof, and USB-powered LEDs designed with various, easy-to-use mounting solutions Continue reading →

Opel Inspira

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Designer: Sergey Rabchik

Category: Automotive

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: Opel Inspira has symbiosis power of Rennwagen and elegance in modern philosophy of the brand Continue reading →