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The Barman II

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Designer: EBC Services LLC

Categories: Appliances Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Barman’s glass-illumination CREE LED’s will illuminate your glass or shaker blue when the Barman is ready to mix. Continue reading →


Alpine Celebration

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Overview: The two-seater Alpine Celebration coupe features styling inspired by some of Alpine’s greatest models from the past, most notably and obviously the Alpine A110. This influence can be seen in both the front end, where the inset driving lights have been integrated into the design, and at the rear with the distinctive curved and sloping roofline and rear window. Even the wheels have a retro style similar to Alpine models from the ’70s.

The paint scheme of the Alpine Celebration concept also recalls past Alpine models with its gorgeous deep blue complemented by striking orange accents.

Designer: Renault