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Designer: Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

Categories: Games | Motorcycles

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: Kids learn when they play. The Blinkenbike is a customisable balance bike for kids. They start out with a basic bike, and with the use of included tools and knobs from an integrated tool compartment, they can build themself a huge variety of bikes indifferent designs.

The Blinkenbike takes the concept of the balance bike to a higher level of learning, where kids can develop there motor skills even further and encourage their natural curiosity and creativity by assembling multiple varieties of different designs based on just one basic bike.

Visit This Concept At Blinkenbike

Lexus F10 Concept

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Overview: The only thing to complain about the Lexus F10 is that it’s merely not in production! Compact yet aggressive, low-profile yet unrestricted, its aesthetic is a perfect balance of super-sporty and refinement. With lots to like, you’d be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like about it. No word on specs yet, so sit back and enjoy the view!

Designer: Faisal Semari