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Brushield – Hygienic Toothbrush Case

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Designer: Brushield

Categories: HealthProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Silver is the active ingredient in Brushield’s anti-microbial technology. Silver has been used for many centuries to prevent cell division, damage microbials and Continue reading →


Magic Wand

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Designer: Lakatos Botond

Categories: Health Technology | Product Design 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The idea is focusing on the problem of kids garment getting a little stain accidentally. Children are not able to use the washing machine Continue reading →

Food Purifier

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Overview: Food Purifier is a simple, small, wireless product, placed inside the refrigerators or food containers. Used for purification food form harmful substances like metals, hormones, antibiotics or rests of fertilizers. Unfortunately, those factors can be found even in organic food. They causes many illnesses, also cancer, and many earlier deaths. Food purifier purifies food by indicates and then keeps harmful substances inside a interchangeable core. Core is built with two layers. Outside part is made with aseptic net, which helps kill bacteria and fungi and thanks to carries system like in cells’ membrane channels. Inside layer keeps and neutralizes harmful factors. When core is full, light turns red. Changing core is an easy and safe activity. After pulled core out, just put it to the water to neutralize substances from the inside. Using this small appliance is simple-just place it in suitable place, press the small space in the middle and see how it glow when its turned on!

Wanna know more? Visit Food Purifier | BARSKA

Designer: BARSKA

Aviator -The High Performance Hoodies|Go Further

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Overview: The High Performance Fabric will fight off bacteria, germs, and wick away moisture. This will help keep you healthy, odor free, dry, and comfortable. It’s made with a natural non toxic moisture management finish at the molecular level which means you won’t feel it. All you’ll notice is, your hoodie won’t smell after wearing it all day. The 360° stretch fabric will move with you and not against you. This will help you perform your best no matter what the day brings. The Fabric has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

You can back this project at Aviator | Kickstarter

Designer: Colby Kane