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Tittle Light – The Captivating 3D LED Smart Lamp

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Designer: Tittle Light

Categories: Lighting | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Tittle Light is an innovative interactive LED lamp that instantly transforms any home environment and titillates the senses with a variety of beautiful and custom 3D animations. Continue reading →


Tinker Tie – Programmable RGB LED Bow

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Designer: Atom Computer

Categories: Accessories & FashionGadgets Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Tinker Tie works by controlling the amount of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light emitted from each of the 28 LEDs mounted to its surface. Continue reading →


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Overview: Ilumineat is made of Graphene and OLED technology, which makes it lightweight and malleable. It is powered by flexible solar cells located on the reverse of the canvas. It has been designed to accompany the user through the whole process of cooking to the final presentation before eating, being a powerful assistant and a smart kitchen tablecloth.
When cooking, you’ll be able to choose the dishes you like from anywhere in the world, learning how to prepare them through step-by-step videos to reach an excellent result.
After the preparation comes the presentation of your gastronomic masterpiece. When you put the plate on the Ilumineat, the canvas recognizes the dish and displays a short animation in relation to it. The plate is illuminated and the images fade softly into a background color.
Finally, it’s time to eat! While you enjoy your dish, you will see how it links to this interactive tablecloth, creating an instance of harmony between the two. So relax and let Ilumineat do the work.

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Designer: Camila Labarthe