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Overview: YoYo Air is a toy with which you can freshen the air. As we know this product can be used also by children. When the product is used as a toy, it is loading, then being able to detect single housing areas with unpleasant odors. This product also can be fed from the sun thru its wings designed for that, if which is no longer used as a toy. The product is made of metal to withstand certain colisions, especially when children use it.

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Designer: Tripon Adelina Ionela


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Overview: U-Bubble is a concept of refrigerating bubbles that hover in the air, so you can always see what food you have at home. Each bubble can have different products, making sure tastes and odours are not mixed and each ingredient is stored in the optimal way. The bubbles use magnetism to float in the air, and the transparent film that the bubbles are made of also works as an interactive screen. It can tell you how long it is until a product expires, or let you connect with other’s who use U-Bubble. The bubbles automatically recharge by docking with a wireless charger in the ceiling.

Designer: Chengyin Zhang

Giuseppe – F1 Car

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Overview: This bizarre (and awesome!) concept car might look outlandish with its exaggerated proportions, odd stance, and overall indulgent aesthetic… but then again, I just described every other Mercedes too! But the Mercedes Giuseppe is dfferent- it’s an F1 racing machine that, over-the-top as it looks, was designed in every detail to minimize air resistance. With independent winged front arms that adjust width and a flexible body that changes with the track, this thing wants to do one thing… WIN.

Designer: Jaemin Park

Pin Clock

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Overview: Most wall clocks are held up with some sort of pin or screw… but what if the most inconsiderable part of the design was the design itself?! No larger than a regular pen, the Pin Clock is the ultra-minimal way to display the time. Its reduced form is easy to install- simply screw or glue directly to the wall, turn it on, and watch as a clock is projected against the wall surface. From afar, it seems to appear out of thin air!

Designer: AliReza Asadi

Aerio – Pollution Sensor for iPhone

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Overview: Aerio is a nifty gadget that aims to provide users with information about their environment’s air pollution. Paired with the user’s smartphone, the device transmits data to a central network with other devices also giving real-time air quality updates. More than just a sensor, it also brings awareness to the user’s own individual carbon footprint in hopes of encouraging eco-conscious behavior throughout the day.

Designer: Nikolas Ethore