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Jellyfish Aquarium

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Designer: Alex Andon

Categories: InteriorProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Everyone can benefit from a moment of peace. Uncover your moment with a Jellyfish Cylinder Nano aquarium, the easiest and most affordable aquarium that Continue reading →


Arctic – 3D Survival

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Designer: Arctic LLC

Categories: Outdoor Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Arctics are introducing a new way survival box that has never been done before. They have incorporated useful tools built right into the box providing more space for supplies Continue reading →


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Designer: AllBe1

Categories: GadgetsTechnology

Year: Present-2020 

Overview: AllBe1 is a reliable, affordable, all-in-one personal security guardian that can replace any number of costly devices Continue reading →


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Designer: OneBarCo.

Category: Accessories & Fashion

Year: Present-2020

Overview:  A tie bar product that will provide consumers with the ability to purchase a variety of tie bar designs for an affordable price. Continue reading →


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Overview: FlipCrown is a stylish, affordable bike accessory that allows you to flip the handlebars 90°, making it convenient to store, park, mount and get through crowds. Small, easy to install and adaptable almost universally to any bike, its a little addition to your ride that makes a big impact on functionality. It’s perfect for perfectionists who want their bikes when they need them and out of the way when they don’t!

Designer: DeltaReference