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Lamborghini Ferruccio

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Overview: There’s no better automotive brand to experiment with wild design than Lamborghini. With this in mind, Mark Hostler designed the Ferruccio concept as an unrestrained vision of what the automaker’s future vehicles might look like. The flamboyant design takes inspiration from the signature multifaceted, “stealth fighter” aesthetic, but also applies a new design language of aggressive (almost violent), sharp points and dramatic lines that can best be described as crystalline.

The Ferruccio also showcases innovations in the future of performance and environmental consciousness. The trademark of Lamborghini’s flagship supercars has always been a large v12, but in the current climate of environmentalism, car manufacturers are now using smaller, turbocharged engines to meet emissions regulations without compromising on performance. The Ferruccio combines these two ideas, using upcoming technologies in engine design and manufacturing. A v12 is under the hood, but has a comparably small 5.0 liter unit, boosted by two turbochargers The main difference, however, is that the engine would be camless, and activate its valves using computer-controlled pneumatic solenoids. This combination of technologies allows the Ferruccio’s engine to stick to Lamborghini’s power philosophies while being environmentally and economically conscious.

Designer: Mark Hostler

Koenigsegg Prestera

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Overview: The Koenigsegg Prestera was designed with one purpose in mind… thrills! Inspired by extreme sports, the vehicle triggers the driver’s adrenaline with a dynamic carving and shifting weight balance system that creates stability in turns and exhilaration in the driver’s seat. Tucked in the cockpit, the driving experience is closer to that of riding a motorcycle or even a horse. This creates a deep connection between driver and machine where even the smallest movements are shared.

The Prestera enhances the private vehicle experience with intuition based operation that uses natural motions of mobility while giving the vehicle a mutual role of control. This allows the driver to experience deeper sensations without risk of accident.

Sustainable efficiency utilizes a renewable energy source that with photovoltaics continuously recharge compressed air for the pneumatic rotor engine while low friction vehicle dynamics increase efficiency. Frictionless air bearings, magnetic levitation wheels and a carbon fibre spaceframe chassis wrapped in a active ferromagnetic silicone skin support a radical and active vehicle architecture.

The vehicle architecture actively adapts to different situations, applying different technological principles for each mode. With this versatility, Prestera trials innovation that trickles down in common vehicles over time.

Designer: Richard Stark