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AIRION Wireless Smartbag

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Designer: Airion

Categories: Bags Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: We live in a world where our mobile devices are becoming an organic piece of our lives. As individual end-users, we are facing difficulties by the fact that batteries of modern days Continue reading →

Trio Charging Station

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Overview: The Trio charging station is a great way to start the accessory trend for the first ever Apple Watch! Between your phone, watch, & other devices, your charging situation probably needs a clean up… so Trio is here to help. Rather than set your precious on a surface where it could be scratched, it has an alternative inductive charging stand that keeps your device safely elevated. It also contains 2 additional USB charging ports for your phone, iPad, or computer. Perfect for the bedside stand, it also has an integrated OLED light for seeing in the dark.

Designer: Oliver Sha