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HTC Omni Smartwatch

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Overview: Most smartwatch designs are focused around ultra-minimal, even futuristic styling with either a monocoque band or simplistic rubber strap and square interface… but that look isn’t for everyone! The HTC Omni stands alone as the smartwatch for users who don’t want to sacrifice classic watch style for smart technology. The design features a traditional metal linked band in gold, silver or black and an elongated interface that almost looks like it was simply dropped into an existing formal watch face. It’s digital tech gone dapper!

Designer: Vishal Bhanushali

Saturn Silver

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Overview: One look at this timepiece’s outer rings and you’ll see why it’s named Saturn. Its unique digital display rides through time by propelling its hours and minutes through black segments. The hour can be deciphered from an outer ring of 12 segments and minutes from an inner ring of 60 segments.

Designer: ZIIIRO

Braun S – Smartwatch

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Overview: I remember being a kid and watching the original Power Rangers talk into their wrist watch to communicate and do all sorts of cool stuff. That was 20 years ago, making me kinda old and whoever thought of that really smart, because 2014 is the dawn of the smartwatch! Jumping on the smartwatch wagon is the Braun S concept- it packs power in the form of notifications, fitness monitoring, calling assist, messaging, music and more. It syncs wirelessly with your smartphone to give you instant access with a simplified, user-friendly homescreen that you can even control with voice commands!

Designer: Robrecht Vanhauwere

GAIA – Smartwatch

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Overview: A large part of smartwatch appeal is the ability to maximize awareness to personal fitness. The GAIA smartwatch expands on this health-conscious functionality by monitoring what’s going on inside the body as well as what’s going on outside the body! Environmental sensors provide real-time data in regards to air pollution & other forms of basic contamination. This is gives valuable insight to wearer’s personal surroundings and an overall greater awareness to the larger population by providing real-time location data to a global network of wearers that anyone can see!

Designer: Cristian Tomas Moyano

Apollo Moonwatch

Overview: Lots of reasons to love it! For me, it’s that I pay very little attention to the moon & therefore know very little about its phases. Embarrassing… but true. This timepiece is not only a reminder that our celestial pal is there, but an educational tool that illustrates the moon’s changing phases. Also, I’m so reliant on my smartphone that I often forget to wear my watch at all. This fun multifunctional feature definitely provides some incentive! So maybe you’re into astrology, are a space buff, or like me & not at all. Either way, its hard not to find it cool for you.

Designer: Juan Restrepo