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Inflator Bicycle – Cycle + Air Pump

Overview: Inflator Bicycle is a cycle design where the frame of the bike acts as an inflator for cycle tire. This “always with you” bicycle pump is designed by putting inside the frame a connecting bar and a piston. You can pump in air to the tire by simply moving the bicycle seat up and down. The pipe and the gas nozzle hooks onto the cycle frame and it inflates both, the back wheel and the front wheel.

Designer: Ling Xuan Kong


Overview: If you’ve ever been on a tram tour then you know that it’s all about getting the right seat… and ending up with a sorry seat can make a slow ride even longer! With the AIR-LEBEN tram, however, there’s not a bad seat in the house! This suspended sky lounge rotates 360 degrees so every passenger gets the same breathtaking view. For added thrill, panoramic windows put riders in the center of the scenery, all from the comfort of a climate controlled cabin.

Designer: Philipp Divitschek

Air-Purifier Bike

Overview: The Air-Purifier Bike addresses the problem of air pollution in the city by filtering air and generating oxygen. The design integrates an air filter that screens dust and pollutants from the environment. It also includes a photosynthesis system that uses an embedded water tank that produces oxygen. Other specs include electric motor and a battery.

  • While it is being ridden, air passes through the filter at the front of the bike, where it is cleaned before being released toward cyclist.
  • The bike frame houses the photosynthesis system.
  • When the bike is parked, the air purifying functions can continue under battery power.

Designers: Silawat Virakul, Torsakul Kosaikul & Suvaroj Poosrivongvanid