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DefenDoor – Security Camera

Overview: The latest in home security, DefenDoor allows your to screen your visitors just like you screen your calls. Its wide-angle lens and 720P/HD resolution also help you keep your home safely monitored while you’re out and even notifies you when other family members return safely. With a low price point and easy wireless installation, it’s a smart and cost effective solution for securing your doorstep and the rest of your home.

Designer: Glate

Olive – Stress Management Bracelet

Overview: Olive is a twist on the fitness band that measures stress-related biometrics in real time to more effectively manage stress. It tracks changes in heart rate, reactions on the skin surface, skin temperature as well as analyzes habits such as sleep, physical activity, light exposure & even communicates with your smartphone to take into account your calendar & schedule. This info is meticulously stitched together to paint a more complete picture of the user’s lifestyle & create an actionable plan to balance stress.

Designer: Hardy Simes

VELLO – Folding Bike

Overview:  The VELLO series ushers in a new era of urban mobility in the form of high-performance folding bikes. In 3 distinct versions (Rocky, Speedster, and Urbano), they include some of the best features of a city, racing and folding bike while introducing new functions like integrated lights, folding fenders, and magnet release/suspension to cope with the demand of the urban lifestyle. With one easy kick (no hands needed), it folds in one second to swiftly transition between riding and carrying.

Designer: VELLO Bike

Spool Dock

Overview: Queel & Company’s not-so-utilitarian Spool Dock blurs the line between modern home decor and electronic accessory. Crafted in the USA from sustainable North American white oak, merino felt wool and a weighted metal base, this stylish charging dock is as sophisticated as it is warm and natural. Better yet, it also doubles as a convenient cable organizer that allows users to swivel docked devices with the touch of a finger!

Designer: Quell & Company

LumiPocket – 3D Printer

Overview: The Lumipocket DLP 3d Printer is ultra-compact without sacrificing high quality. With a printing area of 10cm diameter and 10cm tall, its footprint is one of the smallest. With its integrated top projection system, light curing resin is made easier than ever by eliminating the need to replace the printing vat or anti-stick coating often.

Technology: Stereolithography (DLP)

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 28 cm

Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 100 mm

Layer Curing Time: 3000ms-8000ms

Resolution X, Y axis: 50/100 microns

Resolution Z: 50/100 microns

Electronics: Arduino Micro

Designer: Lumi Industries