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Google NEXUS Play

Overview: The concept is Google NEXUS Play and its most outstanding factor is the curved aesthetics. This Android powered Multimedia Device is designed to improve the handling experience while gaming. The on-screen split screen keyboard has its benefits… it helps while typing and surfing the web. Interestingly, the device also offers a Google TV experience and seamless browsing on a big screen.

The Curved Arc Touch Screen interface is quite easy to navigate, making it an awesome device for all the gaming and media needs.

Designer: Vishal Bhanushali

Apple iPhone Plus

Overview: The story so far is that Apple has always conformed to a set style for the iPhone. Little deviation from the blueprint, for example display size, thickness, curves etc. has been noted. So how about an iPhone that is radically different in design, something like this Apple iPhone Plus concept!

Designer: Faisal Semari

Apollo Moonwatch

Overview: Lots of reasons to love it! For me, it’s that I pay very little attention to the moon & therefore know very little about its phases. Embarrassing… but true. This timepiece is not only a reminder that our celestial pal is there, but an educational tool that illustrates the moon’s changing phases. Also, I’m so reliant on my smartphone that I often forget to wear my watch at all. This fun multifunctional feature definitely provides some incentive! So maybe you’re into astrology, are a space buff, or like me & not at all. Either way, its hard not to find it cool for you.

Designer: Juan Restrepo

8° Battery

Overview: The space saving and functional 8° Battery has a unique design. Agreed that round batteries have their own reasons, but time and again we have seen designers try to fashion something different. Well, this one is mainly to save your nails from chipping and pressing out easily.

Designers: HongNan Lin & YinShuai Zhang

Fly Citycopter

Overview: As soon as our personal transportation takes to the skies, this is what I want to be zipping around in! It’s called the Fly Citycopter- a futuristic urban aerial vehicle concept for when cars are a thing of the past. Harnessing solar energy, it’s more efficient and economical than common helicopters. Its tri-rotor design also makes it maneuverable and quieter with a smoother ride while features like auto-pilot and obstacle detection make it easier and safer to control. Aesthetically, t’s a little steampunk and a lot cool!

Designer: Eduardo Galvani