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Twinkle – Vacuum Cleaner

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Overview: Twinkle is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses both its body and specified nozzle for cleaning. It’s designed to go under tight and low spaces, and it features heavy-duty power suction. What I like about it is its functional design that allows you to show it off, incase you want to.

Designer: Yeontaek Lee



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Overview: Extreme Sports are exciting and equally exciting is capturing those precise moments of adrenalin pumping excitement. Observer is a camera this is a remotely controlled multicopter robot. It hovers around its subject, shooting video and photos from a safe distance, while the extreme sport activities are enjoyed.

  • Observer is a camera equipped with a multicopter robot, which can be programmed to follow the uses – photographing the user in action while keeping a particular distance away.
  • When the camera starts shooting, it emerges from the base of Observer’s central body component, adjusting its angle to keep its target in frame.
  • Observer hovers around the user, shooting the action and the surroundings in photo and video format.
  • The user controls Observer with a specially designed wristwatch-style touch pad. With two fingers, the user can control the movement of Observer in every direction. With one finger, the user can control its up-and-down movement.
  • After use, Observer can be folded and placed in a storage bag.

Designers: Jinho Kwon, Minhyun Choi, Seunghun Shin & Hyeonwoog Yoon

Ant-Bot – Robotic Cleaner

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Overview: Modeled on the basis of how an ant works in the ant farm, the Ant-bot is a robotic home cleaner. It cleans up messes and works autonomous, however you can define certain areas that need extra sprucing via the dedicated pointer. Neat!

Designers: Yunjo Yu and Seonghyun Kim

MOD – Modular Drone

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Overview: Until now, few flying drones have explored merging functionalities, leaving users with only options specific to a singular need. For economic and functional sensibility, The MOD Drone utilizes a modular system of 3 interchangeable units, each with a distinct purpose. One has RGB cameras with infrared sensors to monitor agriculture (ground hydration/conditions), another with a NanoSAR sensor to precisely calculate distances for cartography or natural disaster impact, and the last with gimbal-stabilized cameras to inspect structures and construction.

Designer: Manuel Alberto Duarte Soares

RAY – Robotic Parking System

Overview: With its new home at the Düsseldorf airport in Germany, RAY is the world’s first operational parking robot! When you drive up, it scans your vehicle and adapts to its size before lifting and carrying it away to an ideal parking space. With connectivity to the flight database and a user-controled mobile app, it can have your car ready as soon as you land or whenever you’re ready. More flexible and agile than self-parking, it’s super-efficient and can create almost 60% more parking. Next time you’re at Düsseldorf, check it out yourself at parking structure P3!

Designer: Serva and Lumod