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Overview: Different activies require being on action constantly. So why not air purifiers keep up with us? Just carry the fresh air with you

What’s This: Lotus is an air purifier with three portable and rechargeable air balls. When activated, the petals of lotus start to open according to power level which is adjusted by the auto dirt-sense function. Invisible bacterias and dirts that can not be distinguished by human eye can easily be percieved by the auto dirt-sense function. Super Plasma Ion Technology generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions which eliminate biological contaminants and active oxygen where they locate. A mood light boosts the ambiance while the petals spread. Portable units are useful in situations where localized purification is necessary such as cooking, sleeping, closet cleaning, etc.

The Push: In today’s life, people are more active and are exposed to poor air quality more than air. So, it does not only affect people but also affect their products,too. The devices need to be more adaptable to their lifestyles and activities. Pure air is not only for one room or one person, it should be everywhere and for everyone, specially the ones we love and care.Lotus gives the freedom of carrying and spreading “pure air”.

Designer: Fulden Dehneli

Wanna know more? Visit:  Electrolux Design Lab (Lotus)

Karbon G6



Overview: There’s bodysurfing… and then there’s slyding. The G6’s sleek design gives hand-boarders the ultimate ride every water-sport enthusiast dreams about. The G6′s tight rails, deep concave and double swallow tail with wings allow for excellent grip and hydrodynamics. Carbon fiber’s high tensile strength to low weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the perfect slyde.

Designer: Slyde Handboards





Overview: Ephemeris, nano filaments that adapt over time and feelings.

What’s This: In the year 2024, 24 earthlings will settle on Mars as part of a mission called MARS ONE. Life in a reconstituted eco-sphere, a limited and slight area is closer than we think. The concept of “home” will radically change. Between intimacy and community life, relations will change. Changes of mood and humor will have a bigger impact for each other. Could air counter-balance space sickness ? Could scents in the way of Madeleine de Proust allow to respond to a state of soul and spirit ? The device consists of the interaction between a sensor of emotion particular to the consumer, and an object generating space in response to it. During the use of this device, the emotional data is read and activates the deployment of nano filaments. It cleans the air as the consumer comes through. Thanks to the friction and the electromagnetism of filaments, the consumer is physically washed while the dissemination of scents through the filaments soothes the psyche.

The Push:The device integrated into a living space can be seen as an aside in a day. Consumer can relax and reach the notion of pleasure within a few minutes through this new space. The device is present but discreet, evolutionary and activated only in the goodwill of the consumer. Senses are disturbed, smell is tested and touched. Feelings of “déjà vu” will be initiated by the experiment, a daily ritual such as daily grooming: washing one’s troubles away.

Designer: Berthome Tiphaine