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Solar Bench

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Overview: Voda Design’s Solar Bench is a multifunctional streetlight/bench combination that harnesses solar energy to power its overhead LED lamp. Solar panels built into the bench case make it possible to place the unit in any location independent of a local power supply. Integrated outlets can also be used by the public as a daytime charging station for laptops, cell-phones, or other electronic devices. This super-convient design is a great solution for minimizizing wasted space while reducing our carbon footprint.

Designer: Voda Design

Dooroo – Outdoor Project

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Overview: Its funny that we pick going outdoors and camping, just to reconnect with nature, and yet we need the comfort of technology to keep us entertained. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, the Dooroo is a projector that is easy to set up and work with. It’s aimed for camping trips, hence the petite size (tripod, a multi beam projector) and ability to adapt to the outdoors.

Designer: Daegun Kim

W.E.T – Water Enhanced Tempelhof

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Overview: The W.E.T. system harnesses solar energy and H20 to enhance public spaces. As it rains, the design collects water used for cleaning & fire emergencies. Excess water is kept in an underground collection tank where it is then dispersed through misters to keep the public cool on hot days. On especially rainy days, extra water is used to supplement the surrounding irrigation. On top of the beacon, a solar panel collects the sun’s energy to power lighting at the foot & top of the system that keeps the area illuminated at night.

Designers: Christina Fenton, Haiden Goggin, Jonathan Holland, and Anthony Traviglini

D-Partner: Pet Poop Scooper

Overview: Pets, love them and all, so when it comes to cleaning up after they have done their mess, you’re always looking to pass the buck. It need not be a poop-y affair, if you have yourself equipped with the D-Partner. This lawn-mower kinda design has a poop-scoop nestled within its design. Simply vacuum away the mess and set it back into place. The ‘mower’ does the rest! It can’t get easier than this!

Designer: Li Shi Ming

Outdoor Fireplace

Overview: This wild looking concept is at once a sculptural centerpiece and functional fireplace for your outdoor area. The modern wood-burning design differs from other fire pits in that it encourages people to lean on and touch its surfaces to warm their body while observing its internal spiral flame created by an air flow rotation system. The copper strips that fan outward are also warmed to provide heat to the user’s feet. Unlike other conventional wood burning stoves and fireplaces, this design has no chimney or other means of moving smoke and combustion gases away from the user. An internal system draws cool air inside from around the base and enters a series of tapered helical shaped chambers where it accelerates and is pre-heated. The twist direction of the helical chambers provides air flow rotation in the same direction generating a swirling flame.

Designer: Leu Aurelian