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Joe – White Noise Device

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Overview: This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work. When surrounding noise pollution is disturbing your flow, Joe produces white noise (a sound composed of all audible frequencies to the human ear) to essentially “cancel-out” cacophony so you can focus. It’s like being in your own imaginary bubble of isolation when you don’t have the option to close the door!

Designers: Schmitt Nicolas & Hélène Casado

Easy Tack – Tack Pin Redesign

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Overview: We all know how hard tack pins are to remove from boards and how damaging they can be to nails. The Easy Pin hopes to ease these trivial issues from our daily lives, by redesigning the pinhead to be a user-friendlier one. Ah, the bliss of being a designer – such ingenious thoughts to showcase!

Designers: Lee Yin-Kai & Wang Szu-Hsin

Reminder – Reusable Sticky Note

Overview: This modern stationary concept reimagines the sticky note as a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper notes. Simply called Reminder, the gadget works similar to a kid’s magnet doodle board, where magnetic particles are brought to the surface and made visible with a magnetic pen. Better yet, you can assign a timed alarm to each note via the smart dock. When it’s time, the sticky note will light up as a reminder!

Designer: Sun Jin

Click Tape Dispenser

Overview: Unlike its flimsy plastic counterparts, ClickTape is a super-minimalistic approach to the tape dispenser that you won’t mind displaying on your desk! The design consists of just a single flexible ring and one stainless steel blade. “Click” on your tape roll and grip the ergonomic ring to start using. When you’re finished, simply pop the empty roll out and replace!

Designer: Derk Reilink